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Mike and Eileen Smalley
1505 North Lake Road, Lakeside, OR 97449

The Umpqua River Lighthouse was built in 1893. It stands 67 feet high and is one of the few lighthouses that still uses the original lenses. Its beam can be seen 20 miles out to sea and there’s a whale-watching platform to view California gray whales during the annual migrations.

This unique area of windswept sand is the result of millions of years of wind, sun, and rain erosion on the Oregon Coast.  Take an Oregon Dunes tour or rent an ATV at Pacific Coast Recreation.



Salmon Harbor at Winchester Bay is one of the largest sport-boat marinas on the Oregon coast.  Charter boating is available in Winchester Bay offering great fishing trips and tours, year round.


  • Osprey Point RV Resort Pub and Pizza
  • Lakeshore Lodge Restaurant
Towns and Cities
Annual Events
  • Steamboat Show on Tenmile Lake.  Oregon Steamboaters Club display of 1900's era steamboats.  July 18 - 21  Osprey Point
  • Cardboard Boat Challenge includes single person and multi-person boats with judging and race.  July 28 2003
  • Independence Day in Lakeside is one of the best on the coast.  3 days of celebration including street faire, entertainment, Tidewater Taildraggers Remote Control Airshow, drawings, carnival games, relays and fun, fun, fun.  July 4 - 6 2003
  • Tenmile Drag Boat Races - Roaring action on Tenmile Lake with some of the finest competitors in the nation.  50's/60's Dance Saturday night and Pancake breakfast each day.  August 24 & 25 2002
  • Ocean Fest in Winchester Bay with a Bazaar, Parade, Car Show & Shine & Cruise, Gun Shows, Quilt Shows, Barbecue and 50's Dance and beer garden.  Coast guard drills and demonstrations including a mock helicopter rescue take place in Salmon Harbor.  July 19 - 21    541-271-4471
  • DuneFest, is one of the best sand festivals on the coast.  This 4-day event draws thousands of ATV enthusiasts to Winchester Bay, with  events including drag races, TSD rally, poker run and more. You'll find vendor booths, food, music and buggy and sandrail exhibitions.  August 1 - 4
  • Crab Bounty Hunt  Crabbing is always great fun and the crab is a tasty reward, but during the month of August in Winchester Bay, a whopping $5,000 makes crabbing VERY rewarding.  Crab are tagged with metal tags and the tags are placed in a drawing held during the Crab Bounty Celebration held Labor Day Weekend.  Catch the renegade crab, Captain Umpclaw, and get $5,000!!!
  • Kool Coastal Nights   Classic cars in Winchester Bay during this weekend of nostalgic fun.  Riverfront concert, car show & shine & cruise, beer garden, 50's dance, barbecue, car poker run with cash prizes  August 23-24 800-247-2155


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