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Explore  America! was inspired by the travels of our youth.  We invite you to discover the magnificent array of beauty in this great country of ours.  

Our goal is to provide a guide which will enable you to plan a trip to your specifications.  The site is currently broken into state levels with National Parks, Byways, Monuments, State Parks and other scenic areas highlighted.  Of course, we love theme parks and water parks and casinos as well, so we also list these and other fun activities for each state.

As you explore each state section, you will occasionally run across our own scenic area guides.  These have been done in no particular order.  As we have visited an area or remembered a past trip, we have completed the scenic byway or park page.  These are more in-depth and we hope to have each scenic area completed by year's end. is privately owned.  All content and travel providers are thoroughly investigated before inclusion in this site.  Unlike large corporate travel sites, we actually have been to the majority of places in this guide.   Traveling is a passion in this family.  We actually traveled to Pyramid Lake and later Eureka NV simply because they were there.   Once you start on a trip, you may as well finish so you never have to wonder "what's at the end of that road".

In that context, we hope to provide a unique insight into America's vacation destinations as well as hotel discounts, travel packages and more as we find quality partners and tour providers.  If you are planning to book your vacation online, we ask that you do so through our links as that is the only financial method of supporting this site.

Thank you for visiting scenic-america and we hope you find that unique and scenic destination for your family vacation or honeymoon!




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All of us who work to keep this site up and running for the travelers of the United States appreciate the visitors that find our site helpful. If you have any questions in regards to the site or any comments please feel free to contact us and let us know what's on your mind.

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