Offensive Play-callingDefensive Play-Calling
Defensive TerminologyDefensive Formations
Fire - When your defensive linemen or linebackers rush to penetrate the gaps and get in the backfield
Smoke -
When your linemen or linebackers rush to fill gaps and clog the lanes.
Sting -
A delayed blitz through an open gap made by the rush of the linemen.
Strong -
refers to the strong-side of the offensive formation.
Weak -
Refers to the weak-side of an offensive formation.
Strong -
Refers to the strong-side of an offensive formation.
Middle -
Generally... the middle of the line of scrimmage
Willie - Generally... The Right Outside Linebacker
Mike - Generally... The Middle Linebacker.
Sam -
Generally... The Left Outside Linebacker.
Out -
Refers to taking the outside gap
In -
Refers to taking the inside gap.
Stunt -
When A Linemen Smokes for another lineman to come around and fire in his gap.
Loop -
When two linemen cross each other and fire in each other's gap.
Pinch - When two linemen fire in the same gap and attempt to collapse a section of the line.

Man -
Man to man coverage..
Zone -
Zone Coverage or "Z"
Bump -
When DB's jam WR's on the line of scrimmage. Best for disrupting short passes or timed passes.
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